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Waffles & Winnie Bonding

Established: January 14, 2023

Year of the Water Rabbit


I am a domesticated rabbit rescuer and volunteer that happened to be granted the nickname of the Rabbit Whisperer by fellow fosterers/ rescuers. I have fostered over three-dozen does and litters over the last 10 years. Most bondings between pairs take around a week. However, everything depends on your bunny and the partner bunny. I would prefer bunny speed dating to begin the process and to make the bonding process easier. Remember that you can't share your bathroom with everyone either. Don't expect bunnies to do the same either! They won’t!

I offer speed-dating services, bondings (pairs & multiples), speed-dating, boarding, bunny-moons, doula & husbandry, and apothecary/ organic and natural diet supplements.

For the boarding, please bring a blanket or towel that smells of home for something familiar during the stay. Also bring your pellets to avoid having to transition your bunny onto our brand and then back onto yours.

During boarding, we'll provide daily vegetables for dinner (a mix of leafy greens), carrot, broccoli, green pepper, celery, and banana as well as fresh hay and water, depending on health and diet considerations.

For Bunny-speeding & bondings, an austere environment is recommended for pens. Any item or person can become a source of jealousy when another rabbit is introduced in their territory.

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